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CFM news and upcoming events. 


Wednesday 30 April: CFM and LSE Department of Economics Public Lecture "Unconventional Monetary Policy and the Financial Crisis|" with Kevin Sheedy|. Chaired by Wouter Den Haan. More information available here|.

Friday 9 - Thursday 10 May: EABCN-INET in collaboration with CFM and University of Cambridge will be hosting a conference "Macroeconomic Stabilization and Economic Recovery after the Financial Crisis|". Register your interest with Nadine Clarke| at CEPR, by Monday 21 April at the latest. Only limited spaces are available.

Call For Papers - INET, Cambridge University, and CFM will host a conference on "Aggregate Demand, the Labor Market and Macroeconomic Policy"|, 4-5 September at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 30 April, please send submissions to cambridge.conference2014@gmail.com|.

Michael Peters prepares to deliver his presentation during the "Conference in honour of Robert Barro|" at the Centre for Macroeconmics, LSE.


04.04.14: Podcast now online for CFM and Department of Economics Public Lecture "Is Everything You Hear About Macroeconomics True?|" with Wouter Den Haan. Podcast available here|, video here|, and a copy of the presentation is available here.

25.03.14: Centre for Macroeconomics launches The CFM Survey|. The monthly CFM survey informs the public about the views held by prominent UK-based economists on important macroeconomic and public policy questions.

19.03.14: CFM members Rachel Ngai| and Silvana Tenreyro's| paper "Hot and Cold Seasons in the Housing Market|" accepted for publication in forthcoming edition of The American Economic Review, 2014.

03.03.14: Video & Podcast now online for CFM and Department of Economics Public Lecture "Fiscal Policys During Recessions and Recoveries|" with Ethan Ilzetzki, available here|.

: Video and podcast now online for CFM and Department of Economics Public Lecture "China's Role in the Global Economy: myths and realities|" with Keyu Jin, available here|.

20.12.13: CFM member Pascal Michaillat| awarded INET grant of $200,000 USD over 2 years with Emmanuel Saez|.

Past News| and  Events| 

Event-201402-BalticSocietyWouter Den Haan, Chris Pissarides and Ilmars Rimsevics with members of the LSE SU Baltic Society at "Latvia's Road to the Eurozone|".