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CFM News and Upcoming Events

4-5 September 2014: Cambridge Conference
CFM, Cambridge, and INET will host a conference on Aggregate Demand, the Labor Market and Macroeconomic Policy| [PDF], at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The Deadline for submissions passed on Wednesday 30 Arpil, contact cambridge.conferences2014@gmail.com| for details.

12 September 2014: CFM Event
CFM, ESRC, and NIESR present The Future Of Housing Finance| [PDF]. Examining the risks and consequences inherent in housing finance and their relationship with financial intermediation and stability, this conference will provide an opportunity to discuss ideas with leading experts in Housing finance. Enquiries/RSVP to b.hollingshead@niesr.ac.uk| by August 15th.

Tuesday 30September 2014: CFM, FMG and SRC Event
Giving guidance on future monetary policy in a very uncertain world, with David Miles| (MPC Member, Bank of England). Chaired by Wouter Den Haan| and joined by Charles Goodhart| (discussant).

18-19 December 2014: Call for Papers - CFM Event
Centre for Macroeconomics, The Bank of England, and CEPR are jointly organising a two day workshop focusing oninternational trade, finance & macroeconomics| [PDF] and related issues.
We invite theoretical and empirical research aimed at improving our understanding of the sources of fluctuations, their propagation, and their implications for macro policy in today’s globalised environment. For submissions, please send draft papers to nclarke@cepr.org|, deadline: 19th September 2014.

01 September 2014: Discussion Paper
CFM discussion paper #24 is now available: The "Mystery of the Printing Press" Monetary Policy and Self-fulfilling Debt Crises| by Giancarlo Corsetti and Luca Dedola.

28 August 2014: Discussion Paper
CFM discussion paper #23 is now available: Housing Dynamics over the Business Cycle| by Finn E. Kydland, Peter Rupert and Roman Sustek.

09 August 2014: CFM Survey
Results for August's survey discussing migration and UK economy are  now available on the CFM Survey website|. As referenced in VoxEU| and Bloomberg|.

01 August 2014: Discussion Paper
Discussion paper #22 is now available: Transitory interest-rate pegs under imperfect credibility| by Alex Haberis, Richard Harrison and Matt Waldron.

News| and  Events|

Event-201402-BalticSociety| Wouter Den Haan, Chris Pissarides and Ilmars Rimsevics with members of the LSE SU Baltic Society at Latvia's Road to the Eurozone| [PDF].



CFM congratulates Professor Charlie Bean, outgoing Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and visiting professor in the Dept. of Economics at LSE on his knighthood for services to monetary policy and central banking.

Chairman of the CFM Advisory Board Ben Broadbent, became Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy at the Bank of England| from the beginning of July 2014.

CFM lectures for general public [PDF]

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